2016 Rulebook

To participate in any stage of The Coalition Games, every athlete must agree to any and all Rules and Policies, including, without limitation, the Assumption of Risk, Publicity Release, all of which are incorporated herein by reference, and to the decisions of The Coalition Games, which are final and binding in all respects.


Registration details will be updated soon. No late entries will be accepted. One person can register for a number of athletes however all personal information must be entered for each athlete. Please ensure the correct contact email address is entered for each athlete, as this will be our main form of communication so please double check this is correct if you’re entering on behalf of someone else.


The competition will consist of 2 Male & 2 Female Athletes


1. Largest Affiliate registration: The Affiliate with the largest number of athletes registered for the online qualifiers will win (INSERT PRIZE HERE).

The Coalition Games Weekend

TEAMS who have registered will complete multiple workouts over consecutive days at the same location.


The Coalition Games will run on Saturday the 16th until Sunday the 17th of September 2017.

All competitors will compete on both Saturday and Sunday.

All competitors must register at the venue on Friday 21st between 6.00pm and 8.00pm


Event Movement Standards and required Range of Motion shall be delivered or prescribed prior to competition and as defined here:

Event Movement Standard

The Coalition Games organisers will announce the defined method in which the athlete shall meet the Range of Motion standard. Delivery can be in the form of online media, written document, or Athlete Briefing either with or without Demonstration. Regardless of delivery method, the Athlete is required to meet or exceed the Event Movement Standard requirements during all competition. (Example: Squat Snatch prescribed as the Event Movement Standard, thus a Power Snatch will not meet the standard unless otherwise stated).

Athlete Briefing

Delivery of the Event Movement Standard and required Range of Motion to all participating athletes will be just prior to competition. Typically delivered by the Head Judge or a designee of the On-site Director, with or without visual Demonstration and an opportunity for athlete question and answers.


The visual display of The Event Movement Standard applying the complete Range of Motion. Demonstration of acceptable and unacceptable Range of Motion is not required and will be used as needed.

On-site registration

Athletes will complete an on-site check-in process on Friday 21st October 2016 between 6.00pm and 8.00pm. Location will be at the House of Sport, Cardiff. Athletes will need to bring a print out of their confirmation ticket as well as a recognised form of I.D. e.g. Driver’s Licence or Passport, birth certificate, or other officially verified form of proof.


On-site Judges will validate scores for each workout an Athlete performs.

Teams will be ranked after each workout.

One Coach per Athlete may be allowed in the warm-up area, Event Pass and credentials required. All other competition areas are off-limits to Coaches and non-working staff.


Teams will be ranked on their performance in each workout. Based on their relative rank, they will be assigned points. Their total points will be ranked on the Overall Leaderboard. The top Teams on the Overall Leaderboard after 5 WOD’s will advance to the final.

In case two Teams are tied the athlete with the overall higher event finishes will advance.

On-Site Appeals and Event Protests

Any Team Event Protests, Appeals, Scoring Discrepancies or Ruling questions will be immediately filed with the Event Head Judge on the floor during the Event in question. If unavailable, any Director or alternate Head Judge can begin the Protest process.

Teams may not protest discrepancies related to the judging, scoring or performance of another Team.

All parties involved will have the opportunity to present the known facts at the next most convenient time.

For all Team Event Protests, Appeals, Scoring Discrepancies or Ruling questions the following process will be used.

a. The competing Team only (no Coaches or other athletes allowed, one person to file the Protest) files the protest by notifying the Event Head Judge of the competition event in question by relating their name, team number and reason of protest.

b. The Event Head Judge, Team and that Team’s Event Judge or Judges during the competition event in question will all communicate to fact find and define the issue in protest.

c. All information will then be presented to the Event Director, Competition Director or their designee for a final ruling.

Judgment calls made during the workout are final and are not negotiable or subject to change or modification.

The Coalition Games Event Directors have final authority on all Team Event Protest rulings, and may designate this authority to the on-site Director in most cases.

Video, photos, cell phone media or any other media will not constitute grounds for changing or modifying a decision, score or entry made by an Event Judge. The On-site Director, Competition Director, or their designee may ask for any related media, but its availability may or may not guarantee use or admissibility in the overall decision process.

Nothing in these rules including Event Protests, Scoring Discrepancies and Event Movement Standards, Range of Motion Judging applications should be read as a limitation on The Coalition Games right to run or operate any The Coalition Games supported, sanctioned or sponsored Event as it sees fit in its sole and absolute discretion and the Event Director and The Coalition Games say is final. This includes the right to remove or disqualify any Athlete at The Coalition Games sole and absolute discretion.


Cash prizes will be awarded to the top Open Teams:

1st Place – £2000

2nd Place –  £1000

3rd Place – £500

Cash prize will be awarded to the top Masters 160 Team:

1st Place – £500